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2023 Ride in Bike Show!

Our annual Ride-In Bike Show with sponsorships from Big Moose Harley Davidson and Budweiser was spectacular, best show ever! Weather was in our favor, and there were 57 bikes on display from all over the country! Each participant who registered their bike received a limited edition Bentley’s Saloon “Contender” 2023 Biker Rally tee shirt! A secret panel of qualified judges took their time as it wasn’t easy with so many bikes worthy of awards! All winners received trophies and first place winners received $150 in cash and second place winners received $50 in cash. With the “WTF” - unusual looking bikes, “art” or “rat” that run or don’t run - category winner, Jeff Dawson who had a “2021 Homebuilt Custom”, winning the handbuilt trophy by Lewis Leonard out of Bentley’s old bike parts!! Jeff was also awarded the Best Handmade Parts plaque and the Best in Show Judges award of $250 and biggest trophy!! Along with the gratitude to our sponsors, the success of this show wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of friends Lewis Leonard, Tom Crompton, Brian Carpentier, Dino HP Cycles and our secret panel of judges. Stevie from Seacoast Harley Davidson – thank you for bringing the jump start bike for patrons to test out!! SHOW CLASS WINNERS - Antique – 1965 and before 1st place: 1937 HD Black Flathead owned byBill Dennison 2nd place: 1946 Indian Chief owned by Peter Grace Vintage – 1966 through 1990 (30 years or older) 1st place: 1965 Honda Dream2nd owned by Bruce Thompson 2nd place: 1967 HD FL owned by Wayne Heal Manufactured Custom – Any Custom bike built by a franchised company, American Modified Stock or Metric Modified Stock with original engine, frame and front end 1st place: 2011 HD Road Glide owned by Clyde Janvrin 2nd place: 2015 Custom Chopper owned by Tracey Abbott from Indiana Radical Custom – Builders’ Class. This includes any Custom, American Modified Stock or Metric Modified Stock motorcycle with major changes to engine, frame, front-end or fabrication. This class includes bike builders, one-offs, completely fabricated bikes and bikes with superchargers, blowers, NOS, etc. 1st place: 1969 HD XLCH owned by Wayne Heal 2nd place: 2008 Boss Hog owned by Jim Wentworth Race/Sport – Any performance-oriented street or race bike, includes hill climb bikes. 1st place: 1942 HD owned by Allan Raymond 2nd place: 1973 HD Sportster owned by Phil Davis Bagger – Includes all baggers, sport and touring. Bags (hard or soft) mandatory. Fairings optional. 2nd place: 2016 Roadmaster owned by Mark Becman 1st place: 2013 HD Street Glide owned by Jason Simkis Big Wheel Bagger – Baggers that have a larger than stock front wheel. Includes modified frame that changes the rake of the front end. 1st place: 2009 HD Road King owned by Clyde Janvrin Sidecar and Trike 2nd place: 2011 Boss Hog Gangsta owned by Charlene Campbell 1st place: 2019 Indian Roadmaster owned by Bill Tajue OTHER SPECIAL AWARDS BEST PAINT Plaque (judge’s decision) - 2002 Jessie James Wild West Peacemaker owned by Rebel from Rhode Island BEST THEME Plaque (judge’s decision) - 2015 Custom Chopper owned by Tracey Abbott from Tennessee OLDEST RUNNING BIKE participant Bill Dennison with a 1937 HD Flathead won a $100 Bentley’s Gift Card SPECTATOR’S CHOICE participant Clyde Janvrin, who has missed only one of our Ride-In Bike Shows, won a $100 Bentley’s Gift Card and a Braggin’ Rights Certificate for his 2009 HD Road King which shoots out flames from his trick exhaust system! Albert Borges who traveled 1,568 miles on his 2022 HD Street Glide from Pembrook Pines, Florida, won a $100 Bentley’s Gift Card. The next furthest distance was Bill Dennison who traveled from Jupiter Florida, $1,505 miles! Thank you to all participants for an epic Ride-In Bike Show!!

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